Primarly students and post graduates registered at Bern University or other institutes of higher learning.

We offer different kinds of rental agreements (A-contracts for semester contracts or B-contracts with one month notice), see prices.

Applications for rooms must be submitted on the registration form available on our home page. We will advise you in writing if and when a room of your choice will be available and send you 2 copies of a rental agreement together with a payment request for the deposit with details of the banking arrangement. Upon receipt of the deposit the reservation is confirmed and a signed copy of the agreement is returned to you. Inquiries for apartments can best be handled by phone.

As early as possible: First come first served. Usually there is a waiting list and due to cancellations a room may become available unexpectedly.

The rooms in Tscharnergut, Fellergut and Bern-Bolligen buildings are fully furnished. Bedrooms: with bed and mattress, pillow, blanket and cover, table, chair, cupboard, book case, lamps and bulbs.
Kitchen: with stove and refrigerator, a compartment for each tenant. Please note, that each kitchen has some cooking utensils but these are not part of the contract and may not be claimed by the tenants.
Bath rooms: with toilet and shower. Common day rooms: Sofas, TV, tables and chairs.
The individual rooms are not equipped with computers, hi-fi, radio, TV or DVD players. Not all rooms are furnished exactly alike.
The apartments at Bühlplatz, Muesmatt and Bümplizstrasse are not furnished. Kitchens are equipped with stove and refrigerator.

All personal belongings, toilet articles, hair dryer, towels, laptop, radio etc.

A copy of the house rules will be attached to the rental agreement which is also displayed in the buildings. Contraventions may result in charges or expulsion.

We kindly ask you to pay the deposit within the next 10 days to make sure that room is definitely booked for you.

Please transfer your deposit via Western Union. This way you make sure that no additional costs arise and that the exact amount of the deposit is transfered.

If you have any questions concerning the transfer via Western Union, please follow this link.

Only upon receipt of the deposit as well as the signed contract we will send you a confirmation and further informations about how to move in.

If you have troubles to transfer the deposit via Western Union, please contact us.


In the Tscharnergut, Fellergut and Bern-Bolligen buildings there is a care taker or admin office. Show your rental agreement and you will be given your keys. The care taker will show you around and explain the house rules. If your arrival is outside office hours there will be key safe (only at Tscharnergut, Fellergut and Bern-Bolligen) at the entrance for which we will provide you with a pass word or code. In this case you should report to the care taker the next day to be shown around.

Rents must be paid in advance. The easiest is by monthly payment order through your bank. You can also pay at the post office with a payment form, alternatively cash is accepted at our counter. Details of our account are as follows:
Name/Location: Verein Berner Studentenlogierhaus Verwaltung / CH-3027 Bern
Postkontonummer: 30-32048-3
IBAN Nummer: CH 3809000000300320483
SWIFT Code/BIC PostFinance, Nordring 8, CH-3030 Bern
Clearing Nummer Post Finance: 09000

You will get all information on arrival.

Please inform the management of your wish and we will see whether we can accommodate you. You must turn over your room in a clean condition. Any change will incur a fee of 50 CHF.

An agreement by the management is mandatory. The absence must be at least two months and the temporary tenant must be registered student. A fee will be due of 100 CHF.

Your agreement contains binding terms and conditions if it is not already for a fixed duration. ”A” type agreements require written notice to be given for termination per August 31st or January 31st only and at least one month in advance of these dates. "B” type agreements require notice to be given one month in advance.. Notice forms are available at the Tscharnergut, Fellergut and Bern-Bolligen buildings for this purpose Three months notice in advance must be given for apartments.


Definitely not. Required notice for apartments is three months. For type "A” agreements notice only per end of semester, type "B” agreements monthly notice at the latest on the last day of the previous month. If a termination date is indicated in the contract, this termination date is valid. IIn case of internal moves we may consider options.

Upon receipt of your notice you shall receive a written acknowledgement together with a check list of the items you must take care of prior to your departure. You must report to the office or the caretaker to arrange a suitable date for the turn over and inspection. Your room has to be thoroughly cleaned, please have a look at your checklist. The general condition of the premises will be recorded and compared with the initial condition. After return of the keys to the office your deposit will be refunded. Should you leave over the weekend the deposit minus a charge of 20 CHF will be remitted to your bank.


Interest free deposits will be refunded upon your departure provided your account has been settled and the room is returned in a clean condition without any damage. This is usually the case.

Please take note of our cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation up to 1 month before tenancy agreement starts: CHF 250
  • Cancellation of 1 - 3 months before tenancy agreement starts: CHF 100
  • Cancellation of more than 3 months before tenancy agreement starts: CHF 100