Students Lodge, Verein Berner Studentenlogierhaus, was foundet in 1962 as a Non Profit Organisation. Our main task is to make rooms available to students an trainees in Berne and outskirts of Berne. Our tenants come from all over Switzerland and thirty foreign countries. We rent about 940 rooms/appartements.


Renate Ledermann Manager
Corinne Gil Accounting
Maya Minder Real estate management
Christine Neuenschwander Real estate management
Tanja Stauffer Real estate management

Team Fellergut

Franziska Gennari-Büsser House services
Rita Schlapbach  
Celine Reichert  

Team Tscharnergut

Manuel Gil House services
Käthi Gehrig  
Brigitte Herzog  
Gabi Stämpfli  

Team Bolligen

Alexander Cheropoulos House services
Carmen Cheropoulos House services
Fatma Dursun  
Franziska Zumbrunnen