1. Eligibility for accommodation

Through its student lodges in Tscharnergut, Fellergut, Bern Bolligen and Zähringerstrasse, the Bern Students’ Lodge Association (Verein Berner Studentenlogierhaus VBSL), hereafter “the Association”, offers attractively-priced accommodation to students from Switzerland and abroad. While accommodation is offered primarily to students from the University of Bern, under certain circumstances the Association allows students who attend polytechnics schools and who attend training courses.
Tenants are required to provide proof of their student status from their respective university, polytechnic or other institution of higher learning.

2. Rental agreements

2.1. Rental period - Notice period
Type A Rental Agreement
Only possible from the beginning of a semester (i.e. 1 February or 1 September)

a) Fixed-term only - until 31 January or 31 July No notice required; ends upon expiry of the tenancy agreement.
b) Open-ended - 30 days’ notice in advance required: termination dates January 31th or July 31th only.

Type B Rental Agreement
Can begin any month

a) Fixed-term - No notice required; ends upon expiry of the tenancy agreement.
b) Open-ended - 30 days’ notice in advance required; termination date must be the last day of a month.

2.2. Deposit
A deposit of CHF 500.00 must be paid within 20 days at the latest following the signing of the rental agreement. If the deposit is not received within this period then the agreement will be cancelled.

2.3. Payment of rent
Rent is to be paid in advance before the 1st of the respective month.
In cases of rental arrears an administration charge of CHF 50.00 will be imposed.

2.4. Banktransfer-fee
Every charge in connection with banktransfer from and/or to the tenant will be charged to the tenant.

2.5. Cancellation of a rental agreement before the rental start
The following charges will apply, should a signed rental agreement be cancelled before the rental start:

Cancellation up to one month before rental start:
CHF 500.00

Cancellation 1-3 months before rental start:
CHF 250.00

Cancellation 3 months or more before rental start:
CHF 100.00

Rental agreements, which are not returned signed to the Association within 15 days following receipt will be cancelled.

2.6. Premature termination of a tenancy agreement
Should a tenant wish to cancel his or her rental agreement without observing the period of notice stipulated in the agreement or before the expiry of the respective agreement, the following conditions will apply:
The tenant will be liable for the fulfilment of his/of her contractual obligations until the termination date stipulated in the tenancy agreement or until the expiry date of the agreement.
In cases of breaches of the Terms and Conditions or the House Regulations, or in cases of blameable conduct, the Association can terminate the tenancy at any time and without notice.

In cases where the Association terminates a tenancy without notice, the tenant will be liable for the loss of rental income until a new tenant is found or until the termination date laid down in the respective tenancy agreement.

3. Duties and obligations of the tenant
Please see the House Regulations.

4. Citizens’ Registry Office and the duty to register
Tenants are required to register with the respective municipality’s Citizen’s Registry Office (Einwohnerkontrolle) within the prescribed period of 14 days.
www.bern.ch/Einwohnerdienste, www.bolligen.ch

5. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions
The Association reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. Any changes will be displayed on the Association’s website www.vbsl.ch and enter into force as soon as they are online.

6. The Association’s offices are closed at weekends and on public holidays in the Canton of Bern.
For a list of the latter please see